Aye yo Ma! Street Harassment Reactions / by Kenan Weaver

First let me start off by stating I was raised by a lovely single mother, I have 3 sisters, and have way more female friends than male friends. Hopefully that buys me enough leeway to actually voice an opinion from a male point view with an objective of exploring the depth of an issue in either direction and that pushes the conversation forward. In case your internet has been out the past two days, on Wednesday a viral video of a not ‘not attractive’ woman walking the streets of NYC in a rare position of actually having nowhere to go is catcalled over 100 times in a 10hr span. Heres the link.

Let’s first discuss the video, outside of a creepy follow, the most hilarious pick up line i’ve heard in a while “I just saw a thousand dollars”  and a few disrespectful “DAMN!”s I’d estimate majority of people would deem the other occurrences fairly harmless. This is where the discussion needs to begin. Defining harassment is such a slippery slope and when used haphazardly can diminish the gravity of the word. In its most non-threatening  harmless intent catcalling is the real world version of tinder; guys repeatedly 'swipe left' in hopes that she reciprocates and a conversation starts. However a sociopath can quickly escalate this intent to the extremest of levels with countless examples found on the tumbler whenwomenrefuse. I acknowledge street harassment as a real problem and that it can be dangerous but the video while spreading awareness the people behind Hollaback responded to the conversations taking place saying "they minimize the violence and fear that women experience on the street.” I would argue that the video itself has done that. They showed a video with no examples of violence but of “Hi”s and “how you doing” and that’s what people are reacting to, the evidence shown not the accounts of personal stories. You can't expect everyone reacting to be sensitive and imaginative.

Finding a solution is the main goal and can only be obtained with the conversation that is for the moment taking place. Is the alternative to catcalling no man approaches a woman and leave it up to the female to make the approach? Or I've seen women saying wait for their eyecontact/signal, but isn't that an example of the same “entitlement” that's at the very core of this culture? Maybe the best method to gain a woman's attention is to dive in front of a car and save a puppy as in what Hitch suggests. What are your thoughts on the video, and subsequent discussions taking place?

See ladies guys can evolve