Stop Killing Comedy / by Kenan Weaver

If we slander everyones opinions and thoughts on the subject finding a solution will be more difficult.

What seems like every other day something has people up in arms, the new outrage of the week attacks comedy. A fellow comics' words about street harassment have been sent under the microscope for all to voice their opinion about. There were tons of slander articles followed by those running to defense. I have no opinion on what was said because I honestly don’t care, what I care about is comedy. Earlier this week I made a comment in my interview about the PC police in comedy and “the new era.” Fake outrage is counterproductive especially when it will be replaced by anything else soon. I read numerous articles with negative accounts to what was said, under the guise of “But there isn't anything funny about street harassment.” Then pretty much the same number of articles go on to give this example as a good one:

I’m confused I thought there was nothing funny about the subject?

On the other hand FOD put out this vid:

To me comedy can be a great tool for social commentary. Both videos are funny to me, each with very different opinions and approaches on the subject. That’s the beauty of comedy.