SNL Caught between a Rock and... / by Kenan Weaver

First off no I'm not above easy puns, now lets move on. SNL had the internet buzzing yet again, this time not so much about controversy surrounding "insensitivity" or "offensiveness" but of disappointment. I have never been a huge fan of SNL but this season  has had me tuning in more often this year. I had to catch the first black weekend update host, Bill Hader, Jim Carrey and this weekend Chris Rock and Prince! SNL seems to be pulling no punches with their 40th season. While people are tuning in, in large numbers the reviews have been less than stellar. With that crazy bill this past weeks' episode seem to miss the mark of every bodies expectations. It had its funny moments just like every other episode, Rocks' monologue was a highlight but that hilarious sketch that "everyone" loved was hard to find. The standouts Kate Mckinnon, the other Kenan, and new comers Leslie Jones and Pete Davidson always seem to make me laugh no matter the sketch. I honestly think SNL's recent woes have nothing to do with the talent both on camera and writers (even though I think I could potentially elevate both areas...shameless self plug). I think the issue is really the format, largely unchanged since Andy Samberg the "digital" shots, SNL is simply too long for the attention spans of the demographic who take to things like twitter. I think SNL is heading in the right direction but the competition is getting stiff. For many years the only kid on the block, a couple of bouts with In Living Color and Mad TV...SNL is now facing the tag team champions of the world Key & Peele and last week a very funny premier of Friends of the People, even shows online with cult followers Sketch comedy is now a beast of its own and will be fun to watch how it plays out.

Did you catch the show? What did you think? If everyone says SNL isn't good why does it still put up numbers?