Its a Date or Nah? / by Kenan Weaver

Women everywhere are outraged yet again. Apparently Amy Poehler scored a "Dream Date" with iconic American heart throb (pause lol) Uncle Jesse and didn't even know. The gist of it is John Stamos asked Amy on a date, she said yes, he thought it was a date and she did not. (Full story here) The classic "is this a date" game that millions of Bachelors/Bachelorettes end up playing but hate playing cuz there's no winners.

I think as a community it is our duty to help each other so let's take to twitter use #itsadateif #itsadateornah and leave your tips on how to tell if its a date or nah. I've started below and will be retweeting the best ones when you use both hashtags. And be sure to follow me @kenwon22


#itsadateif I ignore a phone call #itsadateornah

#itsadateif I come to pick you up and wait longer than 15 mins til your finally ready #itsadateornah

#itsadateif we're out and there's a Knicks or Giants game on #itsadateornah

#itsadateif someone had to get a baby sitter #itsadateornah

#itsadateif she has on heels and shows cleavage (must be both if only 1 just move on dude) #itsadateornah

#itsadateif there's 2 activities restaurant and...if we go multiple places we go together #itsadateornah