Gen X is the greatest! Happy BDAY to me! / by Kenan Weaver

Welp today is my birthday, it’s on this day that I do more reflecting on my life and past year than I do for NYE. Recent events from this week have bolstered a theory I have and I felt today was a perfect day to put that theory on paper. I have a joke that I love where I playfully / competitively trash all other generations and naming my generation as the best living. I believe that simply because we grew up without the internet and yet the internet became mainstream at an age where our minds were eager and still palpable to grasp technology. Older generations are loyal with great work ethic but are more so reactionary to change. The younger generation are bright, quick learners and have a keen sense of collaborative efforts but lack many of the social skills laid out by the older generations while creating their own form of communication, texting, skype, google hangouts etc. My generation Gen -Xers as they like to call it grew up firmly watching the world change around us, making us the most adaptable. We are like Blade we have all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses. 

This week amidst some “fake outrage” fellow comedian Trevor Noah was named successor to John Stewart as host of The Daily Show. Making him probably the youngest late night show host on television (I say probably because I believe my assumption to be so right I refuse to research and site as fact.) I for one think he’s a great choice, he will bring a world perspective that may help the brand reach parts of the globe it previously could not. Plus he’s a Gen-Xer and I think hollywood and the industry is slowly catching on to my theories. 

The world is getting smaller, with communication today I can share a story with a like mind in another country faster than I can walk over to my neighbor to share the same story. With that the business is changing and demographics are too. They're smaller subsets of online communities with common interests that television is having a hard time mapping. The same technology that makes it easier to connect also makes it easier to be boxed in. A person’s twitter feed is full of only his interests his own “mini world.” How does television combat that? Its programing must now cast a wider net, and a wider net is achieved through diversity. In order to reach multi-million numbers diversity is key. I don't mean diversity as hiring more black people, or women, or whatever group, although that is part of it. When I use diversity its about range, a range of interests, qualities and characteristics. Back to the Gen-Xer, Trevor is 31 his range is easier to grasp those of ages 20+ than it is for say a candidate who is 51 to reach the 20 somethings. Fallon was in his thirties when he took over Late Night and his success is something every network would love to replicate. I think we are witnessing a trend as Hollywood recognizes what I’ve been saying Gen X-ers are the best living and I’m glad to be apart of it Happy Birthday to me!