Larry Sanders Leaves the NBA WHAT!? by Kenan Weaver

NBA star Larry Sanders (formerly of the Milwaukee Bucks) has walked away from the NBA. In a move that shocks not only the NBA but also those people that dream of making millions and may not get a chance to see it, I commend this brother. Depression is a very serious issue and a topic not to be taken lightly. Larry leaves with what must be a heavy heart but also one that feels he is doing what's best for him and his family. I think we as a society seem to forget most of these athletes are just kids or young adults. I am just now realizing the same players I used to look up to as a kid are now peers and in the case of upcoming drafts many years younger than me. The man seems to be wise beyond his years in the piece by The Players Tribune Sanders expressed many feelings that showed astute self awareness. We are familiar with many stories of how depression plagues professional sports and the affect the game has on people. Something that Larry said that resonated with me was β€œits not that worth it.” This sentiment reminded me of a something Dave Chappelle spoke about in his interview on Inside the Actors Studio, ' My father told me "Name your price in the beginning. If it ever gets more expensive than the price you name, get out of there."' Larry keep your head up and I wish you the best at whatever's next.

PS: It was fun playing alongside ya!

He's Thankful by Kenan Weaver

I get why some don't agree with what he does...even if you love what you do we all have certain facets of our job that we would rather do without but have to do anyways. That being said this is funny and exactly how I feel today! #ImThankful